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Loan Consolidation

If credit card payments are getting you down, check into the advantages of consolidating all your loans into one convenient monthly payment and save money. 

Consumer Loans 

A variety of consumer loans are available for just about any purpose including computers, vacations, taxes, Christmas shopping, home improvements, college, or any item you may need or want. 

Holiday Loans (Seasonal)

We offer our Back-to-School Loan and Holiday (Christmas) Loan at a reduced rate.

Guaranteed ESP Loan

School employees, take advantage of our Guaranteed ESP Loan.  Stipulations apply.

Share Secured  

Have an investment with us and need a loan.  Use our shared secure method against your investment at a reduced rate. 

Vehicle Loans 

Whether you purchase a new or used car, truck, van, boat, camper, or motorcycle the credit union can help you with affordable financing with minimal fees and less hassle. Ask about our current rates. 


Afraid you may have borrowed more than the value of your auto?  Let us add a small GAP INSURANCE policy to your loan and take away that fear in the event your auto is totaled.  Also, get an added benefit of our Auto Deductible Reimbursement that goes right along with it.  


Don’t get caught up in the high price of electrical repairs in the vehicles today.  Let us give you a quote with various options to cover some of those major repairs that may come during your ownership of your auto.  Ask for your quote when working on your auto loan with us!  QUOTES ARE FREE!


All our loans are eligible for payroll deduction from the surrounding school districts with proper authorization.  No better way to get those payments made to us that directly from your paycheck each month.


For those of you that are not a 12-month employee, we offer a 10 month payment plan to cover those summer months you are off so your loans don’t get behind.  

Refinance with CKECU and Save!

If you have an auto loan with another financial institution, we may be able to save you money on your current loan. Our rates have never been lower! Now is the time to give us a call. Click here to apply online or call 757-827-7349

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